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UtABA wants to keep you connected to information related to the field of behavior analysis.

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Applied Behavior Analysis
Licensing Requirements in Utah

Utah has licensure requirements for both Applied Behavior Analysis Practitioners and Applied Behavior Analysis Provider Agencies.  


The School Collaboration Committee has developed a document to help provide guidances for providing ABA in Schools.


COVID-19 Resources

As we are all managing the COVID-19 situation, we would like to share important information with our members.

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest updates and resources.


In addition, you can access to a Google Drive COVID-19 Resources Folder for a compilation of resources and materials that may be helpful during this time.

Applied Behavior Analysis
in Schools:  Proposed Guidelines and Procedures

Behavioral Support Strategies for Speech/Language/Communication Services

The purpose of this document is to provide suggestions and strategies for SLPs and SLTs who are providing speech services to a variety of student groups with varying levels of cognitive and adaptive behavior skills who may exhibit issues with motivation and challenging behaviors

This guide is provided courtesy of UtABA and the UtABA Student Committee to help inform prospective students interested in degree programs in the field of behavior analysis within the state of Utah

UtABA Graduate Program Guide

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